Dino Rise 
Deinonychus Light Blue
Deinonychus Dark Green
Deinonychus Tan 2
Dimorphodon 2
Pteranodon 4
Saichania Green
Spinosaurus Blue and Green
Spinosaurus Grey
Spinosaurus Baby Grey
Stegosaurus Green
Triceratops Blue
Triceratops 5 Red
Triceratops Skull White
Tyrannosaurus Rex 5 Green and Teal
Tyrannosaurus Rex 6 Dark Green
Tyrannosaurus Rex Baby 5
Velociraptor 9 Teal
Velociraptor 10 Green
Velociraptor 11 Blue
Velociraptor 12 Dark Blue
Velociraptor 13 Green
Velociraptor 14 Orange
Rattlesnake Dark Green Striped
Rattlesnake Dark Orange Striped
Horned Lizard Black
Lava Scorpion

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